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Using the ||:HerClassical:|| Resources:

  • Use the leveling guide to select appropriate pieces for your students.

  • Print the editions through the Just a Theory Press website, available at a "pay what you can" price. Invite students and parents to download their own copy via Just a Theory Press.

  • Share the video recordings of the pieces with your students. You can access these through the on the HerClassical YouTube Channel

  • Sign up for the email list to stay updated on new releases. Since ||:HerClassical:|| is a growing resource, many editions are still in progress and will be released in the future.

  • If you'd like to support this ongoing project, contribute here.

Notes on the Editions:
  • Copyright Information: The ||:HerClassical:||editions are available through Just A Theory Press at a "pay what you can" price. ||:HerClassical:|| and Just a Theory Press retain the shared copyright for all editions. Since the works are in the public domain, no licenses need to be obtained in order to record or perform these pieces. Teachers may purchase copies for their own personal use, but students and parents must also purchase them directly from Just a Theory Press.

  • In general, these editions are meant to be "student editions" and include suggestions that will be especially useful to pianists who are learning classical style and performance practice.  Many other editions of these pieces exist that are targeted more towards musicians who do have a background in classical-era performance practice, namely Hildegard Publishing, A-R, Vivace Press, and others. 

  • Hard copies of these editions will be available soon with additional resources including teaching guides, biographical "||:HerStories:||" for each composer, comprehensive editorial notes, and beautiful cover art. If you'd like to hear when the books are released, enter your email address below.

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